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The icon theme and Whisker menu reminds me of the Xfce version of Manjaro, not that it's a bad thing.  I still prefer the Default color theme for htop, but I understand if that is the look for 4.0.

Hi folks,

I've finished building a very basic 4.0 ISO. Most of the apps are in place, there are some exceptions (see below), understand that this is very early in the release.

Standard Information:

- There will be no UEFI in 4.x
- There is only 64bit ISO, 32bit ISO ended in 3.x
- All Linux Lite applications are now under Menu, Settings.

Known issues:

- Progress text is not visible on installation slides.
- Wine, there is no bionic repo for WineHQ yet, so do not attempt to install Wine via Lite Software.
- Spotify - don't install in Lite Software yet - NOW WORKING 03/04/18
- Help Manual has not been updated.
- Menu, System, Printers is not working ( ) 27/03/18 - now FIXED after latest Install Updates.

What needs testing?

- Check filetypes open with correct application: png, bmp, gif, jpg, pdf, zip, rar, deb, .tar.gz, .txt and office formats etc
- Both on VM's and real hardware.
- New Linux Lite applications: Lite Sounds, Lite Desktop, Lite Auto Login (Menu, Settings)
- Lite Widget, look under Autostart Applications.
- All applications in the Menu, with a strict attention to details on Linux Lite applications.
- Please thoroughly test Timeshift (Menu, System, Timeshift).
- Start Up, Shutdown times.
- Provide general feedback about new theme and layout in some places, eg. Menu.
- Any other feedback you would like to add.

You will see and use things before they are made publicly official, so all feedback is to remain confidential (pm me the feedback)

If you'd like to be a serious tester, please PM me here -

Thank you :)



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