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So many variations! I have a pc with no UEFI, one with UEFI and legacy both seem to auto-detected the boot device and one with both but only one can be enabled at one time. It depends on which BIOS is installed on your PC.
I must be lucky in that LL2, LL3 and LL4Beta have all installed without problem, albeit one PC had to have legacy boot enabled manually.  I do fully understand that the software needs to keep up with mass produced machines rather than a few specialities but I can see the day coming when the latest linux distros will demand similar machine specs as for win 10 and for me that will be a sad day!


--- Quote from: Jerry on April 03, 2018, 11:45:03 PM ---@SleepyD to be honest, I've answered that question so many times on these Forums, it's getting to the point where I'm done with the subject. There is more at stake here than limiting a market. I would gladly sacrifice popularity for ethics.

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i know you dont want to talk about this , but , can one disable "UEFI" so that it can be compatible with linux lite 4.0 and up ?.
i googled what a "UEFI" was , and i guess its a "Bois setting secure boot"  thing.

should i do this before LL 4,0 comes out of beta ?, i am not going to rush into that one, i can wait for a good thing . LL i s like fine wine , never rush it.
i tinkered with the Bios settings before, i am always careful and take notes of the before and after .

We don't sorry.

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