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So many variations! I have a pc with no UEFI, one with UEFI and legacy both seem to auto-detected the boot device and one with both but only one can be enabled at one time. It depends on which BIOS is installed on your PC.
I must be lucky in that LL2, LL3 and LL4Beta have all installed without problem, albeit one PC had to have legacy boot enabled manually.  I do fully understand that the software needs to keep up with mass produced machines rather than a few specialities but I can see the day coming when the latest linux distros will demand similar machine specs as for win 10 and for me that will be a sad day!


--- Quote from: Jerry on April 03, 2018, 11:45:03 PM [email protected] to be honest, I've answered that question so many times on these Forums, it's getting to the point where I'm done with the subject. There is more at stake here than limiting a market. I would gladly sacrifice popularity for ethics.

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i know you dont want to talk about this , but , can one disable "UEFI" so that it can be compatible with linux lite 4.0 and up ?.
i googled what a "UEFI" was , and i guess its a "Bois setting secure boot"  thing.

should i do this before LL 4,0 comes out of beta ?, i am not going to rush into that one, i can wait for a good thing . LL i s like fine wine , never rush it.
i tinkered with the Bios settings before, i am always careful and take notes of the before and after .

We don't sorry.

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