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Series 4.x Artwork released:

Perhaps adding the Deb package name containing the blobs would be okay too on the info page, i/e something like: Deb package name contains all necessary firmware and is pre-installed.

Also splash I use is from wheezy, modified KDE Debiandreams. Password script works and shows fine.


Better, clearer explanation of AMDGPU proprietary drivers in Series 4x.


--- Quote from: torreydale on April 09, 2018, 11:14:41 PM ---I like the proposed splash screen.

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately, the proposed splash screen is not playing ball in several ways. We're using a oldie but a goodie, simple and will for the first time show the password box for encrypted volumes, something we haven't been able to achieve consistently to date in LL.

I've squashed many bugs in the lead up to the Beta thanks to our Test team. Spotify is now fixed. We're just waiting on Wine to create the bionic repo, it's still not ready as of today:

I like the proposed splash screen.


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