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Linux Lite 4.0 - Sneak peeks

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Very exciting, Fishshell and Powerline look beautiful!

That's the ticket young man!!! XFCE terminal is one of the most impressive features of XFCE. Gonna make me feel all Christmasy to see it  default in LL. Thank you very much in advance.


Can't wait! Great work! :)

Damn that was quick!! Thanks Jerry and the team!!

This section will contain some of the features that will be appearing the in Linux Lite 4.x Series. We won't be giving too much away as that will spoil some of the surprises we have :)

First up - The Terminal

* We'll be switching to XFCE Terminal
* The terminal will feature Powerline, see more here -

This combo allows for powerful, customizable, beautiful terminals unlike anything you've seen so far.


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