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Thank you Jerry for the UEFI post.  I will look up what you said about the security of UEFI.  I will use Linux Lite 3.8 until it is no longer supported.  I can't see changing to MBR.  I like distro hopping.  From what I've read, it is supposed to be easier to manage multiple partitions with UEFI.

Cheers Mike :)


--- Quote from: Jerry on April 04, 2018, 09:45:00 PM ---Here you go - I'm officially done with the topic of UEFI :)
Back to Sneak Peeks now.

--- End quote ---

Glad to hear it Jerry  :)
I am too!

Can't wait for LL4.0 - it looks really exciting - another 5 years of LL bliss!
Keep up the great work 8)


PS. I've put your weblink as a URL link on my Desktop to prompt me to redirect others should they ask ...

Here you go - I'm officially done with the topic of UEFI :)

Back to Sneak Peeks now.


--- Quote from: SleepyD on April 04, 2018, 01:02:18 AM ---Jerry,

I have a suggestion.  Could you pin a post at the top of the forums in regards to the UEFI issue so people don't have to scour the forum for answers?  You would just have to do it one time.  You could then paste the link for that post in  any posts regarding UEFI.

--- End quote ---

Jerry, I think this is a good idea.
My reasoning for saying this is that I think many of those migrating from Windows OS to LL, don't have the insight or experience to know why UEFI technology is a backward step. I was one of these people, back in 2014, when I made the 'jump', though of course have seen the light since.  Being new to Linux, and seeing most distros adopting UEFI support, many newbies naturally assume it's the thing to do ...


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