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Linux Lite 3.6 64bit ISO with Language Support Test

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LoL, that made my day! I wonder how they got it out of there... I wouldn't go push! :D


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Oooh! Goosebumps!

Here, have a glass of festive Eggnog!  ;D


Simply put, full translations are slated for Series 5.x

Oh, yeah, sorry I tend to wander at times!
I meant mainly that Linux Lite in French (and I can only guess other language) still has lots of texts and Programs in English.

I'm no programmer but can only guess that doing translations is a huge workload and can sometimes be related to things out of Linux Lite's control. Sooo, do we just "flag" what is not translated in a "plain" install?
I could do a little English-French translations, if needed of course!

The "official languages" I mentioned was, for example, if a program is chosen to be distributed by default in a "Languages" version of Linux Lite, one criteria would be to have this program available in English, Spanish and French. If it's not, another program is chosen... This in order to prevent language discrepancies when choosing a "supported language".

I know I talk a lot, my mother tells me all the time ;)



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