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Linux Lite 3.6 64bit ISO with Language Support Test

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System installed and updated.

Language was set to UK as per initial setup.

Keyboard and Server still default to US........changed to UK.

Did not get any [size=0px]dialogue window  about folder names.[/size]

Jocklad  :)

Downloading ISO now.

Will install to a spare HDD.  :)

Hi everyone,

Languages are getting a lot of love lately  :-*

As previously stated, I'm starting to do some early work on Series 4.x
As the title states, I've created a Linux Lite 3.6 64bit (only) ISO with Language Support. I'd like some volunteers to install this in their native language.

- Select your Language at the start of the install.
- If it isn't already selected on the map slide of the installer, please make sure you select your correct Timezone/City. This will ensure that on the next slide, your correct language is selected and installed.

Because this installs your correct language during install, the install will take anywhere from 5 to 20 mins longer than our standard installer, depending on your system specs. This is because it needs to download all the additional language packs for your language. After a reboot for example, Gimp should be in your native language.

Once you've booted for the first time after the install, you'll be faced with a dialogue window that will ask if you want to change your folder names too, please do this.
There will of course be some Menu items that are not translated, Linux Lite applications, the My Computer sub menu, etc. Most of your system should be in your native language.

This is for non-UEFI and Secure boot systems. You can if you like, install in a VM, but I would prefer real hardware.

Download -

Filename: linux-lite-3.6-languages-64bit.iso
Size: 1.1Gb
MD5SUM: 41df4c6d4ddc06f2127f7def63455b24

The Grub Live boot menu is very basic (text only). This is deliberate, as I'm avoiding pouring dozens of hours into something that might not work for everyone.

You will see the word 'Ubuntu' instead of 'Linux' or 'Linux Lite' on the installer, just ignore this. The installer slides have not been translated.
Should you need it, the live login user is: ubuntu, no password required.

Thank you, and please let me know how you get on. :)

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