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Linux Lite 3.6 64bit ISO with Language Support Test

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Hi @Jerry !

Installed LL special version in french. Then all updates
When installing Language in french I usually leave folders with defaults names.
This time I said yes to the language requester asking if I wanted to change them.
and when I rebooted, this shows up (same on Official version after changing language) :

Nothing else for now.


Thank you @bonnevie :)


I've downloaded French pack tonight.  First impression is this is a lot easier to install than the normal language pack.  I really like its usability. 
I'm North American so I did have to change the time zone, from Paris to Toronto.  Repositories were US, I changed it to Canada.  And that's it.  Didn't take more time for me to install so that's good.
Most of Whisker Menu is French, except some entries in System
but this only occurs in Menu, not in the actual files or programs.
This will be a great addition to LL4.0
Edit: tested in Virtual Machine only


--- Quote from: Jocklad on October 25, 2017, 08:28:56 AM ---System installed and updated.

Language was set to UK as per initial setup.

Keyboard and Server still default to US........changed to UK.

Did not get any dialogue window  about folder names.

Jocklad  :)

--- End quote ---

Thank you.


--- Quote from: Jerry on October 25, 2017, 08:32:42 AM ---Server?

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--- End quote ---
Repos in Synaptic were default to US.......changed to UK.


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