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I have substituted the Yad version for Install Updates and all is well up to now. For LL3.8 release I would like to see all update functions to use one window which remains open for the duration of the process. I find it disconcerting when one window closes and there is a delay (long in some circumstances - lots of updates?). I have messed up the updating process when there is no indication on screen and have had to shut down due to time constraints (wife waiting!).

Is this possible and if so what do others think? I don't understand the update script so I have no idea. Sometimes I do update/upgrade from a terminal, all in a single window.   :)

The icon is hard-linked to /usr/share/icons/Faenza/apps/scalable/synaptic.svg

Np TC. From now on can you please embed your images in the Forum, rather thank linked to an external url? Thank you.

Duh! Sorry Jerry another elderly moment. I switched icons to tango a few days ago and forgot about it.


What icon theme?


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