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Install Updates update coming soon

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In the same way Create System Report was updated, we are bringing few updates (specially in the backend) to Install Updates. We've moved from gksu to pkexec which allows users to run the application from within any account as long as the user can authenticate as admin:

And we are also giving Lite Updates listing an HTML output, matching the layout with that in System Report to keep it uniform.


Thank you Ralphy, this looks really good!

Nice one Ralphy....looks great  :) :)


--- Quote from: Jocklad on April 17, 2017, 07:29:05 AM ---Nice one Ralphy....looks great  :) :)

--- End quote ---

Thank you @Jocklad ... enjoy!

Suggestion. Please add an option to display the change log for updates so we can see what has changed in the new release. It can be done now in Linux Mint.


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