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I want to spearhead an effort for better documentation in the projects of LL


Sounds good Adrian, once we get the org set up we can move forward with this. Cheers :)

As many of you probably saw in my brash, somewhat inflammatory first post on the forums, I had some personal issues in regards to the documentation of applications and projects run by LL. I guess it all started when ShaggyTwoDope had me help him fix up some markdown for lite-update Shaggy had a wonderful foundation of a file, and I helped him spruce it up a little, and even since then he's made it even better (e.g. travis-ci integration). I want to start real simple, and just spruce up the README files for the various github repos of linux lite, using lite-updaters' readme file as a sort of template. The readme is rather simple to understand, brief, but has enough information. e.g.

* Project name (with travis-ci shield)
* Brief Description
* Some nice screenshots
* Depends list (bulleted)
* Authors list (bulleted and alphabetical)
* Credits section (bulleted and alphabetical)
This will help LL developers (present and future), because they'll have a short, but concise description of each project, instead of having to go through code and see what is used.

Alongside a standardized template for readme files, I feel a simple changelog would be a nice addition (though to be honest, this is what tags are for in git). So developers could keep track of ongoing changes, lite-updater so happens to also have a very nice, simplistic example of a changelog template, made up my ShaggyTwoDope.

As far as the lite-manual goes...I really don't want to tackle that as of right now.


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