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It looks like the update error above (reply #4) in the screenshot has nothing to do with the updatestest script but with package:
lite-software 1.0-0330-linuxlite.

This line in the updates script seems to be the cause
sudo killall -9 synaptic && killall -9 gdebi-gtk && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Specifically these commands
killall -9 synaptic && killall -9 gdebi-gtk


@Scott, that particular 'error' stems from the script closing gdebi or synaptic if they are open so that Install Updates completes uninterrupted. It was an addition I made recently as I've noticed newbies posting Install Updates doesn't complete, in the end only to find out they have another package manager open. I need to fine tune it and put an 'if, else' statement in there to suppress the reported 'error'. Thank you for helping with the testing :)

@jabbott, this thread is specifically about a new GUI updates script. Which area of the forum did you originally post your thread? I see nothing under the Hardware Support > Network section in your name. If you have not started one there yet, please do so to receive the correct Support. Thank you.

Quick fix for the updates. Replace the line 15 in /usr/scripts/updates with this.

--- Code: ---sudo killall -9 synaptic || echo ok && killall -9 gdebi-gtk || echo ok && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
--- End code ---

Thanks misko, a good quick fix there, What we need long term is a if-else statement that suppresses any errors :)

Apologies if I was a bit enthusiastic :) with my postings. Couldn't sleep last night and had too much time on my hands.


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