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Extension for 32bit version?


I get 14 pages of results when searching for 32bit.

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for replying!

I díd use the search function, but did not find anything about a potential revival of Linux Lite for 32 bits computers! So I asked for it: I guess that's what this forum is for! :022:

To suggest another OS might be very useful, in case there is no equivalent for the 32bit-architecture in the OS we are talking about: i.c. Linux Lite. This happened to be so, as my question remains unanswered... Therefor my call for a good alternative, as this is lacking in Linux Lite, is appropriate in this case.

This might stimulate to restore or reinvent the 32bit-capability, in order to fill the gap that is present today...:my2cents

Old topic has been covered here so many times, no need to go on about it anymore, please use the Search function. It would be somewhat disrespectful to suggest another OS here, it would be like going to a Mercedes Benz dealership and asking for directions to the nearest Toyota dealership.


Does nobody know anything about this? What about the creators: do you have plans to resume the issue of the 32bit version of Linux Lite? :032:

And is there really no alternative to this 32bit version? :032:

Many users of old systems would be very pleased if their system could be maintained, used for the years to come! :dft012:

Like to hear from you! :54:


Hi all,

Next to my main desktop, I have a few laptops of Dell Latitude D620. Although they are all 64 bit, it is too heavy to run a 64 bit Linux distro on them, because they only have 1 GB of ram.

I know that the latest 32 bit version of Linux Lite is 3.8, but that has been discontinued since April 2021!

1. Are there any plans to resume the creation of a 32 bit version of Linux Lite?
2. If not: is it still recommendable to make use of LL 3.8 32 bit?
3. If not: what would be your suggestion to use instead?

Thanks in advance for answering!



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