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I'd also like to ensure the system font is seamless across our apps (droidsans):

Thank you Ralphy, this is going to be a great release of Lite Software. If you wouldn't mind updating the changelog file in GH (I don't want to miss anything and you've done the bulk of the work) I'll pack and release a package.

Create System Report (as well as all other lite-software related scripts) has been moved from gksu to pkexec.

A few things how pkexec is different from sudo and its frontends:

- You can't run graphical applications via pkexec without explicitly configuring it to do so.
- You can somewhat tweak how you want programs to be run via pkexec: icon, text to display, whether to remember the password or not, whether to allow it to run graphically and some more.
- Anybody can run "Run as" a superuser (provided they can authenticate as such), with sudo you have to be listed in the sudoers file as admin.
- gksudo locks the keyboard, mouse, and focus when asking for a password, pkexec doesn't.
- With pkexec you work in a slightly more sanitized environment.

We have also added Sources to the collection list so that software and repository sources can be gathered as well.

Attached you can find a generated sysreport from a Linux Lite VM.

Cheers all!

Looks great Ralphy! Let's have all the boxes ticked by default, and reword the "Deselect parameters.." bit to grandma speak. Something like: "Untick the reports you don't want to include"


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