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Would like to use Linux Lite


Welcome to the community! Feel free to ask anything you'd like. We are a very beginner friendly community. Today's Beginner is Tomorrow's Expert!

You are most welcome here. Never feel shy to ask things. Just forgive some delay between responses. We do our best :-p

Welcome to Linux Lite, mthood!

Fast, free peer support in times of trouble is what makes Linux Lite - and Linux distributions in general - uniquely special. You need only ask. Every time I'VE 'reached out for help', I have had at least one, if not several, answers within a day or two.

As more LL-specific content finds its way into the search engines, one will find more and more answers to their questions on their own. In the meantime, grab the Live CD, test-drive it, and, if it's for you, install it.

If you want to preserve your current system and have enough free HD space, you can have both your OLD OS AND LL, choose which one to use, and/or have it default to load the OS of your choice at startup. Linux needs FAR less HD space than a comparable Windows system!


Hello I am mthood and would like to start using Linux Lite.  Coming from xp like xp refugee.  Will need some help, I believe. (i know i will).


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