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UEFI and Linux Lite


Is UEFI supported in Linux Lite? The short answer is no.

Why don't you support UEFI?

- It's an unnecessary technology. A replacement for a system that already performed a job. If BIOS was so bad, hardware vendors wouldn't still include it their devices. We follow the Unix Philosophy - "Write programs that do one thing and do it well."

- UEFI is insecure. It claims to protect the computer, but it can't. We could link to dozens of articles, but it's easier to simply Google 'UEFI security' to find out more and debunk this myth forever.

- UEFI is not without it's headaches and requires significantly more Support than BIOS does. I'm not prepared to put our community through more Support threads when it's completely unnecessary to do so.

- We have test builds but they are officially unsupported and there is no guarantee that any more will be created in the future -

- The layman does not understand the technology and all its caveats. Since we are an OS that targets computer novices and migrating Windows users, providing UEFI would contradict our mission.

- 'UEFI will make your OS more popular' - we're not interested in popularity, we're only interested in making the transition to a linux based operating system for people as simple and uncomplicated as possible. UEFI doesn't translate to a smoother install if you are unfamiliar with partitioning.

Will you ever support UEFI in Linux Lite?

Not if we can help it. It's been said that one day UEFI will completely replace BIOS. If that day comes we'll re-evaluate, but even then, there will still be millions of computers in existence that Linux Lite can be installed to. Linux Lite will still provide a valuable service for those people. "But, but, but, but I can use my mouse in the BIOS now thanks to UEFI..."

In conclusion.

I want people to self-educate. Don't blindly accept a technology simply because it exists or is widely used, or because 'others' are using it. Ask questions. What is UEFI? How did it start? Who is behind it?

Knowledge is power. Use it.


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