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Thought My XP emachine was a GONER!


A friend suggested Linux...I thought what in the world is that??? I did some snooping and found Linux Lite and he said "go for it, in fact, bring your tower to me and I will put it on for you...should only take 30 minutes"...about 4 days later...I finally got it back.  He said for some reason the disk drive would only take the install so far then freeze up...he didn't give me much hope, but he somehow by-passed my disk drive and the install gave new life to my 2004 or 2005 Windows XP eMachine.  I don't think this PC was this fast when brand new!  Anyway...I am new to the world of Linux, so I am looking for a lot of answers and tips.  I hope I don't make a pest of myself.  One question to start Linux Lite compatible with Skype?  Thanks for letting me join this forum!   :)

Welcome to the community, to install Skype go to Menu, Help Manual, Software, Other Software - Install popular programs. The instructions are there for adding Skype :)

Hello, Linda!

Welcome to Linux Lite. Thank you for sharing your Linux Lite installation experience with the community. Since you had help, the most difficult part - getting everything up and running in the first place - is already behind you.

There is an ever-growing community here, with members who will be happy to answer your questions. The only dumb question is the one that isn't asked.Remember - *EVERYONE* HERE started off with Linux SOMEWHERE!

Unlike Windows, Linux still supports scanners that worked in XP but not in Vista or later, doesn't get clogged up with temporary files, has no need for disk defragmentation, doesn't have to have a real-time antivirus engine constantly running in memory, and doesn't get bogged down over time by an ever-growing registry. Your Linux install should stay like-new fresh for a long time to come.

Yes, there IS a version of Skype for Linux. Installation instructions are found in the Help Manual, available from the Main Menu. They are located under the Software tab under the hyperlink 'Other Software - Install popular programs'.

If you have any further issues or questions, feel free to ask. More likely than not, SOMEONE here has the answers...



--- Quote from: lindalinex4me on April 25, 2014, 11:48:55 PM ---the install gave new life to my 2004 or 2005 Windows XP eMachine.  I don't think this PC was this fast when brand new!
--- End quote ---

Welcome lindalinex4me,

Yes, it's a good feeling seeing an old machine come  back to life and perform better than ever!  I've installed Linux on a number of older systems from the 2001-05 time frame and all of them perform better than they did with Windows on them.  The one I now have relegated to the kitchen is from 2004 but still runs great with Linux.  Was my main system until a 2-3 years ago when I built a couple of new computers.

To get familiar with Linux Lite, I'd suggest you browse through the Help Manual.  Even if you don't need to do any of the things referenced there, it will get you familiar with the system and some basic Linux terminology (which can be very baffling at first).  After that, you might want to have a look at some of the links on this page whenever you have some spare time:  Linux Basics:  Useful Beginner Information.

Welcome to the Linux Lite Community!


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