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New to Linux Lite and have a question


Hi from Western Kentucky. 
I installed Linux Lite 1.0.8 on 3 AMD based machines. It works great on the one with a Sempron processor and appears to work well on the other two with Athlon XP 2400 processors with the exception of Youtube.  The website comes up, but when a video is clicked, it never loads and htop indicates 100% CPU usage with Firefox being the worst offender. Flash is installed on all three.  Am I missing something obvious or is it likely to not work ?

Thanks in advance.  I look forward to reviving other old machines with this OS.


For your two Athlon XP 2400 machines, here is solution:

That WILL solve your youtube problem.  If have trouble with any steps, post back for help.

That worked like a charm.  Thank you so much. 



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