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I can't say I'm gonna stay with LL, but I can say it seems much easier than Ubuntu and Lubuntu.

I was a Xubuntu fanboy before ending up here after trying Voyager, Mint, MX, and a few others. Linux Lite is the one I keep around for installing on computers for people who are brand new to Linux. It's far better than Mint or Zorin or any others who claim to be meant for newcomers to Linux. Jerry has thought of just about everything to make it so.

As for our Lite Forums being slow, that may actually be a good thing. Our people don't just spout off stuff when they aren't sure or don't know. We're not here to show off our "mad Linux skills" or gain likes and reputation points. And we don't check in every day necessarily.  My own experience has been so trouble-free that I hardly even  check in at all, except before updating to see if there have been any troubles with recent updates.

And it means that the answers you do get in these Forums are more likely to be helpful, less likely to be "just a guess, but try this" (like mine are, lol).

You'll enjoy Linux Lite and these forums.

@bonnevie, thank you for the welcome.
@firenice03, thank you as well.

I never used Windows Vista.
I had a friend that used it...on a Lenovo though.
Vista was always giving him RAM and CPU problems.

I was never fond of Dell...seems they try to control what happens with their products.
That's where I believe my current hardware issue's are stemming from.

About Ubuntu find the answer to what your asking ONLY if you're lucky enough that the thread contains the answer or if someone is willing to suggest a response simple enough for the "new-comer" to understand.

Hello K_Collins, I understand where you're coming from.  I was often dumbfounded by answers on some of those Ubuntu forums. Typically, it's "already answered" or "wrong thread", or "duplicate" and then a bit further down in the thread if you are lucky, lays the answer given by a more generous soul.  I was coming from Windows Vista too and knew nothing about Linux's quirks: PPA's, Xenial, Trusty, Synaptic, packages, repositories, tar ball, XFCE, Unity, Gnome, KDE, Grub, mounting point, logical partition, bash files...  As a low-tech user of LinuxLite, I've learned that I don't really need to care about all this because everything just works.  But I like to know what's under the hood and over the years, I've slowly learned some of those things that makes LinuxLite so good.   As Firenice03 said, this is a friendly and I can personnaly testify, a very efficient forum. But sometimes it may take a little longer to get an answer (I just saw your thread today). By the way welcome to the community!


--- Quote from: firenice03 on March 12, 2022, 11:59:31 AM ---@K_Collins

If you haven't yet and you have decent specs - you can install virtual box (Lite Software) and install other distro's within to test and keep LL.

Linux is about options - but LL is easy to learn, familiar and very stable.

Welcome while you're here!!

--- End quote ---

I wouldn't say "decent" spec's.
It's an old low-end Dell from the Windows Vista days...
Yep, it has some issue's.

I would say I'm very lucky it even still works given how much technology has advanced.


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