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welcome everyone  :)

Welcome all :)

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dalyn dalyn:
 :imsorry welcome am using linux too

I am using Linux Lite as my main computer

I starting using Linux 3 months ago, I've used Windows for over 25 years and became fed up with all the changes especially on Windows 10, creating a Microsoft account is just one of them. So far I've used 7 distro's, some were better than others, some had some shortcomings like hardware problems etc. Then I came upon a Linux lite video on you-tube. I liked what I saw so I downloaded it and installed in on an old DELL I have and it works great right out of the box, even on a 15 year old laptop!

So far its been stellar, it found drivers for all the hardware on the laptop and it's quite quick. I had Windows 7 on it originally and it was slow as molasses.
I like that you don't even have to use the Terminal to install anything, but I'am in the process of learning how to use the Terminal.
I will be installing Linux Lite on my main computer very soon.
What I like the most about Linux is that you can customise it in so many ways, it's great!

Thank you Linux Lite team!


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