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Title: Introduction & Issue LL5.4
Post by: Patrick Stephens on June 02, 2021, 03:33:05 AM
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Hello fellow Linux users
First I like to say Im very glad to become part of the forum and Im new and starting out with a Linux Lite 5.4, I upgraded from a 5.2  and I stred code class today, Im up to elements and Http .
Im from Syr,Ny  now in Bellevue Wa re;oacting  a few months now , I ,wanted to get more involved in codeing and develpoment ,which I had no prior exspereince in.  Im in Public Health and would like to coordinate an app in that arena, The change came after being a primary caretaker for my Mom for 9 years ,Alzheimers ...She passed in Jan 2021. Now I have to do something different ,and  something i know i like to do . Create and make something work ,why not an App?
My learning style is seeing ,replecate and repetition.I  also speed read which is not good at times but foundation and key wording are my ways of moving forword in a fast passed environment . Im a Libra ,what can I say :dft001: