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Welcome to the forums mate, it seems alot of distros use lxde to be light weight. I personally find lxde bit buggy, but thats me :-p

Thanks for the feedback Rob, and welcome to the community :)

Welcome to the community! My this community is growing at a alarming and fast pace! We appreciate that!

Hello, All!
I am new to LL. I THINK I saw it mentioned in a review of lightweight Linux distros somewhere, so here I am.
I've been interested in Linux - and have occasionally tried out different distros - for quite a few years now. However, I never could find one that would support all my hardware without compiling kernels - NO noob wants to do THAT unless they have to. In addition, the distros I tried were agonizingly slow. It was much easier to just return to Windows.
Then about three years ago, I tried Ubuntu 11.04. With Unity, it was also agonizingly slow. Somehow, I then stumbled upon Lubuntu 11.10. Finally - a Linux that isn't painfully slow AND could install all my hardware! Until now, for ME, Lubuntu has been the one to beat.
I have continued to try other distros, but nothing else proved itself to be equal. Lubuntu SCREAMS on my more modern laptops, but it runs into a little trouble on my test platform - a Compaq Evo n600c with a 1 GHz P3 CPU and 512 MB of RAM.

I went distro-shopping again for a number of reasons. L13.10 is buggy. Also, it seems that the Lubuntu development team has found better things to do with their lives. This is probably the biggest reason why L14.04 is going to be Lubuntu's first LTS release.  Additionally, as we speak, LXDE is going through some MAJOR changes - changes that are sure to cause new bugs, and with no one at Lubuntu to help fix them, IMHO, it's time to move on.
I run a forum on free software elsewhere, and with free Windows XP support going by the wayside in a few weeks, I wanted to find a Linux distro I could recommend to people in an after-XP world. Towards that end, I have spent the last week installing and evaluating different 'lightweight' Linux distros to recommend as replacements for Windows XP.
I evaluated various versions of Puppy, LXLE, Debian 7.4 LXDE, Peppermint, and LL. Most distros are either noob-friendly OR lightweight, but not BOTH. Also, some don't support my Evo's battery indicator, and one required a kernel mod to support the sound card. Noobs AREN'T going to compile their own kernels.
I haven't been on LL (32-bit) for long, but it's the one I've chosen to recommend to people with older PCs and laptops in need of a feature-rich, lightweight Linux OS that is easily tuned to a user's specific needs. I'm surprised no one else has come up with the idea of automating Synaptic and apt-get to the extent LL has. It REALLY makes it easy for the uninitiated to add things.
I look forward to working with LL for some time to come, and to now install it on my other laptops.


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