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krishay baxter:
Welcome to the group...

Welcome, fellow Canadian!

Welcome to the group and LL  :)

I am not a young person, but love the work is done in Linux, I have download some distro and work in a couple of them my regular work, right now I am running Linux Lite, loving it, very simple, ideal for me and at the same time complex, 'cause just start learning how to use the Terminal Emulator, intimidating at first but can work on it.
Live in the Beautiful British Columbia Canada, but I am originally from Central America, so if you find some bad English, is my Spanish coming out of
Hope I can keep learning and if in any moment I can be at help to anyone, I will be please to help and serve.
Thank you all with more experience to be willing to help those of us who are starting to keep on growing in the acknowledge of Linux world.


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