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Hi folks, .. I'm glad to find this forum. I'm a complete newbie to Linux. I just installed Ubuntu for a friend of mine on their laptop to provide them with a needed OS and I became aware of Linux Lite just today and am strongly considering changing my friends OS to Lite to make it more user friendly for them.  I have an old backup PC that is running WinXP and I am strongly considering installing Linux Lite on that also.  .... I'll be around.

Happy to have you, it's great to hear people converting friends over to the free side :-p

Welcome to the community!

 :)Greetings to All from Middle GA, USA
I have been searching for a light distro for my old Compaq Laptop.
Linux Lite fills the bill.
I enjoy this Distro and hope to be a long time member of the forum. :)

Hello, and welcome!

After trying out a number of 'lightweight' distros, I'm also running Linux Lite on an old Compaq laptop or two (Evo 600c, Presario 2570us). The Evo has a P3-1GHz CPU; the Presario, a P4-2.4GHz.

Both of them only have 512 MB RAM, yet LL still performs satisfactorily. It beats just having 'em sitting around corroding and gathering dust!



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