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Impressed with Linux Lite


thank you very much

Mountain Giant:
No matter which distro you use Kernel stay same, only accessible packages in repositories change.

Thank you and welcome :)

Hi! First time user here, and very impressed. I got to know Linux Lite after it caught my attention while going up on distrowatch.
My first thought was "what a great name! How did nobody think about it until so recently?"
And now that I've tried it, I'm really glad with its performance on my modest laptop and its small footprint (I'm using just a 14G partition, which wasn't enough for Ubuntu 22 btw).
I'm considering it for my parents old laptops. Only one issue though: some options and labels aren't completely translated for our language, including the Lite Welcome window. Maybe I could help with some localization? Don't know if it's possible...

Anyway, congrats for everybody involved on this project!


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