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Im back on lite after 7 years


Its been 7 long years since I've been on lite, and I'm back to say Hi again. I had been using mostly Arch based distro's for a while on this older machine. I have several desktops and one laptop which are all somewhere around 8 to 10 years old now. Anyway, Lite is the only thing that would install and work flawlessly for me. Even pure Debian continuously failed to install at various points of the installation. I tried installing pure Arch a few times, and even though I had a a working XFCE desktop in the end, I could never get it to automatically connect to the network via ethernet cable without having to modprobe tg3 to get it going upon each bootup. Even after trying all the recommended fixes described in the Arch wiki, I got fed up and quickly moved away from Arch all together. I've used MX Linux in the past, and although a good distro, it almost seems too much bloat for my taste. Lite seems to strike a good balance down the middle, with most of what you would need out of the box without being too bloated. Loving the Lite tweaks and software management you guys have incorporated into the distro. All together, I'm very pleased with how this distro is running on my system after nearly nothing else worked, and I've tried a lot of them. Good job Lite team, you have an excellent little distro that looks and feels nice, and just plain works without fuss or muss. Keep up the good work.

Welcome back Miker107 :)

I'm getting older and I don't want to fight with a distro any longer. I have Lite on one machine and POP OS on the other and very happy with both. Lite is solid and fits my needs. I consider myself done with the distro hopping disease. Unless something really dramatic happens, I'm staying put. LOL


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