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Abhilash C P:
i am only able to read the subject where is the body

I would just like to know how to post a question, seems ignorant I'm sure but I'm new to all this.  I have many questions and problems that need solving so how do I navigate to get answers to my problems?
I come back to find that no one responds, I ask again, how do I post on this forum?  Am I missing something or am I only supposed to respond to someone else's post.  I need answers from those of you who are knowledgeable with Linux Lite not crickets or smart ass responses, I know I'm new but I shouldn't have to spend hours scouring posts from 2015 to 2022 to find out if someone else has the same problem.   


I totally agree! I will plead my case though...

Me at the begining of the week :

Me on fridays...


--- Quote from: TheDead on July 06, 2020, 08:13:05 AM ---
Hope some posts will get the "lenient" treatment and be moved instead. ;)

--- End quote ---

There will ofc, be leniency for new people. That's a given. For those that have been here a while, knowing there will be leniency will just act as a mask for not thinking.


Sometimes issues overlap different forum sections, I go logically but to new users these could also sometimes be based on a underlying issue not known by them, etc.
Hope some posts will get the "lenient" treatment and be moved instead. ;)

(Oooh, just got a little earthquake IRL before sending... didn't know my post was that important, LoL!)


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