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I would just like to know how to post a question, seems ignorant I'm sure but I'm new to all this.  I have many questions and problems that need solving so how do I navigate to get answers to my problems?
I come back to find that no one responds, I ask again, how do I post on this forum?  Am I missing something or am I only supposed to respond to someone else's post.  I need answers from those of you who are knowledgeable with Linux Lite not crickets or smart ass responses, I know I'm new but I shouldn't have to spend hours scouring posts from 2015 to 2022 to find out if someone else has the same problem.   


I totally agree! I will plead my case though...

Me at the begining of the week :

Me on fridays...


--- Quote from: TheDead on July 06, 2020, 08:13:05 AM ---
Hope some posts will get the "lenient" treatment and be moved instead. ;)

--- End quote ---

There will ofc, be leniency for new people. That's a given. For those that have been here a while, knowing there will be leniency will just act as a mask for not thinking.


Sometimes issues overlap different forum sections, I go logically but to new users these could also sometimes be based on a underlying issue not known by them, etc.
Hope some posts will get the "lenient" treatment and be moved instead. ;)

(Oooh, just got a little earthquake IRL before sending... didn't know my post was that important, LoL!)

BUMP: A reminder to all of what constitutes a Support request and what doesn't. Remember, if we provide the software or feature, it'll be a Support request. If you're asking a question, eg. what's the best color to paint my Linux Lite laptop, that is NOT a support request. Myself and others grow tired, especially with those of you who have been here a long time, of moving threads to the proper Forum Section. I'm instructing all Mods to just delete these threads from now on. I know that seems harsh, but enough is enough and it is the only way some learn. If you post, and it's gone the next hour or day, you'll now know why. Think before you post. Cheers :)


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