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Sometimes issues overlap different forum sections, I go logically but to new users these could also sometimes be based on a underlying issue not known by them, etc.
Hope some posts will get the "lenient" treatment and be moved instead. ;)

(Oooh, just got a little earthquake IRL before sending... didn't know my post was that important, LoL!)

BUMP: A reminder to all of what constitutes a Support request and what doesn't. Remember, if we provide the software or feature, it'll be a Support request. If you're asking a question, eg. what's the best color to paint my Linux Lite laptop, that is NOT a support request. Myself and others grow tired, especially with those of you who have been here a long time, of moving threads to the proper Forum Section. I'm instructing all Mods to just delete these threads from now on. I know that seems harsh, but enough is enough and it is the only way some learn. If you post, and it's gone the next hour or day, you'll now know why. Think before you post. Cheers :)


I do internet seaches everyday since I see weird computer problems almost daily.
But, I have posted questions in the Linux Lite forums also because the community here frequently gives that little extra to help you along the Linux path.
Its like in real life, I may check out the flyers but I prefer to go to the local stores which are usually more "human/friendly" (Linux Lite Forums) than commercial mega stores like Wall-ly Marts (G00gle, etc.).

Of course, RTFM still applies though ;) hehe


Nice story. One part of me wants people to be able to post whatever issue they may be having here. The other, more sensible part of me, wants people to develop logical habits. As hard as a journey that will be, I know everyone will eventually arrive at the same destination :)

You know Jerry it seems to me that the 4.xx series has proved to be a quite a success when it comes to general stability. The forum seems to rarely produce any significant user problems, certainly much less than in the past. I have never been a fan of Canonical's frenetic development schedule, but LL seems to have handled it well. I think it may be that many not very technically saavy users have gained in confidence with LL and have gone on to experiment a bit with alterrnative applications, so in a way LLs success may contribute a bit to some of the absurd implementations users try to make.

I worked as a gas station attendant when I was 17, and one night a middle aged woman and her daughter pulled up on the drive. I asked "Fill 'er up?" and she replied "Just five bucks worth." I put the gas in her car and walked back to her window to get payment. She handed me a five, and then asked if I knew the area well. I replied that I did know the area, and she asked me for directions to the freeway showing me a piece of a map. I studied the map a moment and then replied "You can't get there from here." and turned away and began to wash her windshield. A few minutes passed, and then she started laughing realizing the joke. I gave her directions and she went on her way.

It's probably human nature to not accept a statement like "You can't get there from here." after encountering such a successful experience with Linux Lite.



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