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How to get the proper Support you are seeking

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Folks lately, some of you including those that have been around for a very long time are side stepping the first port of call in seeking support for some Software issues.

I'm going to sticky this post and remind people of the steps to take. From the Help Manual, Start page:

This excerpt has been in the Help Manual since day one.

This is how it all works.
If you are having any trouble with the Software Linux Lite produces like Lite Software, Lite Tweaks etc then please, post here on the Forums in the first instance. We are the developers of Lite Tweaks. We are obliged to support it. Just like Firefox or VLC are obliged to support users of their software.
If you are having any trouble with any other Software including XFCE and the programs available for install in Lite Software you should be contacting the developers directly via their respective Support channels. Can you imagine to date, how many bugs, fixes Companies/Organizations have missed out on fixing/seeing because people here have posted on these Forums and nowhere else? We're talking about crashes, bugs, general questions etc. Those communities deserve to see your information before anyone else.

If you have posted in a Support section and you are not directly seeking support for a piece of software, your thread will most likely be moved to a non Support section of the Forums like On Topic.

I (Jerry) don't do personal Support requests, sorry. It's actually better if you post on the main Forums in the appropriate section where everyone has a chance to respond.

I'll add to this from time to time should people require more specifics.


Jerry :)


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