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Hi to everyone.


Hi Folks. I am a pensioner and live in new Zealand. My main OS is/was Xp. I have also dabbled in Ubuntu, Zorin, Mint and Puppy. I have a number of small hard drives and a computer tower (2.66ghz cpu and 1gb ram) with no side on it, so that i can easily change distro by physically swapping hard drives Smile.

I stumbled upon a YouTube video of Linux Light 1.0.8 by Spatry last night. He was very complimentary about it, including recommending it as a replacement for XP. So today I have downloaded it, had a wee play with it live, and was also impressed, so installed it and the updates.

Thank you all for being here.

Welcome uxli, nice to have you here and using linux after Windows :) Spread the word about linux, most people are still using Windows for everyday computing tasks like browsing, email and socialising, they can do all that on linux but without all the nasty bits that windows gets hit by.

Hello, and welcome!

It's good to have you here. That really IS a nifty way to compare Linux versions, as you can 'put them through their paces' on an actual HD.

I went out this evening to make a buck or few by cleaning up a clogged XP system with 512 MB RAM. They didn't know XP was on its last legs, and want me to set them up some low-resource Linux distros on a flash drive. I'll do my best to steer them towards LL. They're already using Firefox, so they're most of the way there... ;)


Thanks for the warm welcome :)

Welcome to the LL community!


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