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Hi, i am new to Linux and just installed LL this morning.
I have 12 years old Pentium 4 (2.4 GHz) that still works like charm (i open it and clean once a year). Good old machine. I know it will run for many years more  :D
All those years it ran XP.
My sister uses it mostly for social networking and watching clips on YT, and my mum sometimes play solitaire on it.
I use it for extra storage since it has 2 hard discs so i can free some space on my lap. with Win. 7
LL has everything, i like it already and i hope i will learn more about it.

Welcome to the Linux Lite community!

Hello, dodo!

Welcome to Linux Lite. The only way to not learn more about it is to quit using it! ;)

Along with other machines, I run LL on an old 2.4 GHz P4 laptop with 512 MB RAM. Its performance impresses me. Before LL, I had to use Lubuntu or Debian LXDE on it to keep it from running at a snail's pace...


Welcome dodo, great to see people making use of older pc's :)

Thanks for greeting,
i'm slowly getting into things.
Terminal is not that scary, and it looks cool when installing. hacker like  8)
I already set up wireless and network sharing with windows so i can transfer files, installed game bundle so mum can play solitaire and mahjong on linux, installed pae kernel...
There are still few things that bugs me, but i will solve it i'm sure.


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