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Hi from BC Canada .... HELP!! :)

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Re: Hi from BC Canada .... HELP!! :)
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2014, 10:12:41 PM »


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Hello slennishughes,

Welcome to LL.

Quote from: slennishughes

Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me!  (I've done that for a few people myself.)

This is not the right area in the forum for help requests, so make a new post under the "Installing Linux Lite" section if you need more help after my explanation below.  More people are likely to read it and give answers there.

One of the great things about Linux is that you can actually take it for a test drive BEFORE installing it to make sure it works.  You do that by downloading an ISO file of the distrobution you want to try out.  Here, on Linux Lite, you'll find those files on the download page:  Either version will be fine, but you might want to start with the newest one -- 1.0.8.  For an older system, you might be best downloading the 32-bit version.

When download completes, you need to burn the ISO file to a DVD which you will use to boot the computer with.  That process is different than doing a normal data burn to disk.  You'll need to use a program like one of these (pick one):

Follow the instructions for which ever one of those you choose.  When you have the DVD burned, put it in the DVD tray.  If Windows opens it, just close the window.  Then reboot the computer while the DVD is still in the tray.

If it boot into Windows, let it finish doing that -- then shutdown again.  You will need to go into the computer's BIOS settings and change the boot order so that the CD/DVD drive is shown ahead of the hard drive in the boot order.  (Find the user manual for your computer model with a search engine for instructions if you don't know how to do that.)

Once boot order is changed, try again -- it should now boot into Linux Lite and you'll be able to use it.  It will run slower than if were installed, but you will get to see how it works, open Firefox web browser and surf the web, open Libre Office programs, etc.  When you open Firefox, look in the upper left for "Help Manual" and click it.  There are lots of useful instructions there that both you and your friends can use to become more acquainted with things and for possible answers to some of your questions.

That "Help Manual" is one of the things I think makes Linux Lite particularly good for beginners in Linux.  It's well organized and has good explanations for many basic questions people have.

There is an email program called Thunderbird included in Linux Lite.  It is the same one that is used by many people in Windows.  If your friends already use things like Firefox and Thunderbird, they will have no problem at all using them here -- they work almost exactly the same way on Linux.

So, give it a test drive first to make sure everything works.  If any problems show up, post back and let us know what they are.  Most of the time they are solveable -- some very easily.  After the test drive, decide whether you want to completely replace Windows XP or keep XP on there along with the Linux installation.  If you decide to replace XP completely, installing is easy.  Just double-click the "Install" icon on the live Desktop.  Follow the instructions and when you get to where it asks how you want to install, tell it to replace Windows and use the whole drive.  That's it -- it will do the rest for you.

One "heads-up" for you.  It will want you to enter a username and password during the installation -- so you may want to fill in your friend's name and pick a password he/she (and you) will easily remember to start with.  They can change the password later.

Information you should provide for your new post if you need to make a request for help:

*** If you've already tried to install or make a DVD to boot from, but had problems -- describe in detail what you tried, steps got stuck on or that produced errors, and exact wording (if possible) of any error messages received.

*** Do you have Linux experience, or are you and the intended recipients new to linux?

*** What is the exact model laptop you want to install to and approximate age if you know it?  (That may be shown on the case somewhere or on a label stuck to the bottom of laptop.)

Next questions deal with type of components on the computer.  It's been a while since I've used Windows, so not exactly sure where in the menu you'll find this -- look for a category called "System" within the "Control Panel".  The "System" window will display what version of Windows you have along with other information on the computer.  Look there to see if these questions are answered:

*** Do you know how much RAM (memory) it has in it?

*** Do you know if it has an AMD or Intel processor?  Which one (if you know)?

*** Do you know if it has AMD, ATI, Nvidia, or Intel graphics?  Which one (if you know)?

Try Linux Beginner Search Engine for answers to Linux questions.

Re: Hi from BC Canada .... HELP!! :)
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2014, 09:38:46 PM »


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Hello Sam! Welcome to the Linux Lite community!

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Hi from BC Canada .... HELP!! :)
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2014, 03:10:09 PM »


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Hi all,

I have so many questions my head is about to burst ... I really want to help some elderly friends with a basic computer so they can e-mail and internet surf and was hoping i could turn my old laptop (currently sloooowly supports xp) into something that will meet their needs ... of course they are on a fixed income ... so i was hoping to donate to Linux and find some help installing it ... CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF THIS IS A GOOD IDEA OR NOT?

Thanks all,


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