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Hi, folks !


Jean-Marc B:
Thank you for the warm welcome. Always fun to meet fellow country men abroad, so to speak. As far as my knowledge on Linux (Lite or whatever flavor), I fear it's quite limited, anyway, I'd be glad to share if it's relevant.

Hello Jean-Marc and welcome aboard.  There is a french section as I'm sure you already know, although it's been pretty quiet lately.  Probably because there is so few problems to report on...  J'espère qu'on pourra profiter de tes connaissances!

Welcome to the best Linux forum on the net

Bonjour from a fellow (by blood) frenchman :)

Jean-Marc B:
Hello everybody !

There's a new guy on the forum : French, 50, been dabbling with computers since I was 13. Switched to Linux around 6 years ago. Recently installed LinuxLite on an old laptop, which has since better days and turned it into a perfect media center, this gave me the idea for several other projects involving cheap or low end computer.

Hope to have fun with you guys.  :wave


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