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Hello there. New Linux Lite user here.

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Hello there. New Linux Lite user here.
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Hello there.

Nice to "meet" you, whoever reads this topic.

I am, rather unsurprisingly, new to both Linux and Linux Lite (and its forum as well, I guess). I came upon Linux Lite while looking for a light and newcomer friendly distro that could revive an old laptop* from 2012 that previously ran Windows 7 Home Basic 32-bits**. Linux Lite fit that description to a T. So a couple of days ago I bid Windows farewell and bada bing, bada boom, brought that laptop back to live with a modern and much less bloated OS.

Before installing it, I did a bit of research, read through a lot of the Linux Lite Manual (as well as other resources for other distros) and wow, it's impressive how carefully written and comprehensive it is. It is clear not only that a lot of thought was put into it, but also (and most importantly) that a lot of thought was put in the distro resources as well, so as to make them as accessible to an inexperienced user like me as possible. I can't begin to tell how much I'm thankful to people who spend their time and energy in Open Source projects such as the Linux Lite OS or the desktop environment it's based on.

By the way, even the most flattering reviews somehow sell the XFCE DE short. I've been messing around with all sorts of customization options and it is genuinely astonishing how customizable it is (even more so compared to my old system). I've used Linux systems before here and there, but had never installed it on a computer of my own, so never got to mess around with it all that much.

Anyway, the reason I've created this forum account is, admittedly, so I could eventually get help on some minor issues*** I've encountered so far, but they don't subtract from the overall great experience I'm having with Linux Lite. Still I think I can probably solve them on my own if I look up some more documentation and browse through the support forum, so that's what I'm going to do first.

I hope it is okay that I meandered a bit and mostly talked about my experience with Linux Lite rather than tell much about myself in an "Introductions Board". I just reckoned that's the extent to which most people would be curious about a stranger here. Well, regardless of our mutual strangeness, it is a pleasure to "meet", or rather "be met by", you.  :wave

* Specs: 2GB ram, Intel core i3, no dedicated graphics card. Also, despite being from 2012, no UEFI boot option in the BIOS.
** Despite the 64-bits processor.
*** Which are not relevant to the topic at hand (unless someone asks).


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Linux Lite - A.I. Helper is now at Version 2 - Give it a go here