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Hi, I've never used a linux OS before. But I am fed up with Microsoft forcing you to upgrade OSes every few years and forcing software like Edge on you (Who wants Edge instead of Firefox?! Why?), their bloated, slow 'improved' image viewing software, ect.
I have refused to 'upgrade'.  I'm still using windows 7.

I got Ubuntu touch going on a phone, and have purchased a new (old) laptop to turn into linux. (I'd like to keep windows 7 on here so I can continue using software/games.)
I am strongly considering Linux Lite, because I just want something fast and simple. Mainly for internet browsing and novel writing.

I purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad X131e.
Here's it's specs:
Processor: 1.40 GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD
Hard Drive: 320 GB

Does Linux Lite sound like a good fit?

Should be a good fit for that and more.. :)
I have LL on several pc's ..

You'll find LL very user friendly as are the forums...
Do remember Linux isn't Windows so there maybe a slight learning curve. The help manual and the forums will get you through most issues.


Swamp Rat:
I'll add some personal perspective. I used Windows from 3.1 to XP daily in my work. When Win 7 came out, I installed in on one of my 2 computers. On the other, I installed Lubuntu. My plan was to use the Win 7 for most computing and use the other (much slower) computer to learn about Linux. I initially expected to either take years to get comfortable with Linux or never do so. Within the first week, I was doing everything on the Lubuntu computer and ignored the Win 7 one.

I didn't like everything in the 20.04 version of Lubuntu, so I started looking at other distros. When I discovered Linux Lite, I stopped looking at other distros. I've been using it daily now since early 2021 and will probably remain with it as long as I live or it is no longer available. It is THAT GOOD!

I bought a used Win 10 computer to do my income taxes, but that computer normally sits unconnected to anything on the floor of my family room. When I need to work on taxes, I connect it, install the tax program and any updates, then disconnect the ethernet cable. When taxes are all done, Win 10 goes back with no connections on the floor until the next year.

Your opinion about Linux Lite may prove to be different than mine and most people here, but I doubt that. This operating system just works perfectly for me for what I do using a computer. Keep a Win system if you want to, but give Linux Lite an opportunity to endear itself to you as it has done for many others.


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