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Linux Lite - A.I. Helper is now at Version 2 - Give it a go here


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Many thanks to the team who work on the forum, and for the support it provides.

I'm new to Linux and a Windows 10 user who has recently installed Linux Lite 5.6 on a 64 bit AMD 2 core 2.7GHz, 4Gb RAM, legacy BIOS PC. For the sake of caution, it's single boot. I have some Windows 7 PC's that people have given me, of very broadly similar specs to the above. These I've got working and upgraded(?) to Windows 10, and activated, but none will accept a Windows 11 installation. Also, Windows updates waste time and randomly delete restore points. Other problems are resource-wasting gimmicks and bloatware, and lack of privacy. In the longer term, I hope to use LL as my internet OS, and continue using Windows 10 for my offline PC.

Installation was easy. At first, on trying to update, an error message kept appearing. A reboot followed by a further update attempt solved the problem. First impressions are that LL works smoothly and well. Thing is, to keep using it and experiment a bit to get to know the OS. I'm a senior citizen, and not a fast learner, but LL is intuitive and may well do all I need. It's bundled with great apps; I already use VLC and Firefox, and Libre Writer seems straightforward. A challenge is learning and remembering Linux-specific terminology. Perhaps more of this could be added to the  manual's glossary in the future?

Best wishes, Ean.


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Linux Lite - A.I. Helper is now at Version 2 - Give it a go here