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Hello From North Arkansas


Thanks for the insight. I'm stuck using my laptop for a few weeks on personal projects. After that, I'll get rolling with the install of LL.

Hi, welcome!

Linux Lite is definitely lighter and simpler than Linux Mint (even Mint Xfce, which uses the same basic desktop). And the cool tools are point-and-click simple as well.

Just signed up and looking forward to installing and using Linux Lite.  Currently I'm running Linux Mint on an older Toshiba laptop (Satellite C855D).  That will be the same machine I'll run Linux Lite.  I really want to make a change to something a little faster and simpler.  I'll probably make the switch in May (2022).

Hello to users and developers from around the world.  I'm retired and living in North Central Arkansas in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.   :wave


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