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Hello from Indiana


Fairly new to Linux; had some experience with Ubuntu in 2010. I'm looking for a new system for a couple of XPs. I was impressed with Spatry's 1.0.8 review and plan to go with that. Max

Welcome to the Linux Lite community! Hope you enjoy your Linux Lite experience. Linux Lite has the same roots as Ubuntu, just with a lighter weight desktop environment (XFCE) to ensure compatibility with older Windows XP machines.

Hello, and welcome!

Not only is Linux Lite itself both smaller and faster, but at right around 700MB, the ISO is smaller as well. One 'XP replacement' distro I was considering prior to my discovering LL was not only over 3 GB (it had several desktop environments and window manager options bundled in), but the MD5 checksum was also incorrect - despite my downloading it several times.

The DL was probably OK, but if you can't get a valid checksum to appear out of something, why bother with it in the first place?



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