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Hello Everyone :)

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Hello Everyone :)
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Hello a Returnee user here (coz imma user of this distro once before i jumped to other distros). Well This distro is my first daily driver after i jumped from windows and it rocks! Low resource consumption, eye pleasing custom XFCE Desktop Environment, and awesome tools that make this distro amazing. Well though i tried so many distros, like mint , which is one of the most popular beginner friendly distros due to its windows like appearance but it feels something heavy and less intuitive (Cinnamon is buggy and heavy as expected, Mate is comparable to LL but quite heavier, its XFCE edition is sucks), POP!_OS is also good for a Computer Science student like me but its GNOME DE makes me feel pulling me back (and heavier of Course, though its plus point is their auto-tiling feature) and Fedora. But it ultimately returns me back to this distro.

To the one/ones who created  and maintai this Distron, You have done a great Distro and i hope this distro will become more popular to the new and experienced users. And if i can  ill try to contribute to this project through coding. :). God bless ya dude/dudes


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Check out our NEW Linux Lite USB'S on the Shop page...they're awesome!