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Hello - and Thanks - from busprof


Hello, and welcome!

It's good to see you already trying to help others on here...


Hello busprof, we have already exchanged emails, so I will simply and warmly welcome you to our community.

If you've read Valtam's post HERE then you've already seen why I'm offering thanks to the Linux Lite development team and community.  Those are my students in the photos working to provide computers to college and high school kids in our area who can't afford them.  As I said in the email Valtam posted, we are using Linux Lite because it provides the best platform possible for our needs and for the needs of those receiving the systems.  So I'm joining the forum to say "thank you" to the LL community.

I'd like to offer a bit more background on our project.  We've been doing this for almost 3 years now.  When we started, we were using a Debian netinstall CD plus a shell script I wrote to download and install an XFCE desktop environment, applications that would be useful to students (Libreoffice, email, IRC client, and so on) and a bunch of other utilities for printing, photo get the picture.  The script worked out well but we had to constantly test and update it to keep pace with Debian's changes.  When we started this year I was looking for an "out of the box" solution that would eliminate the need for scripting and testing, and Linux Lite came to my attention.  Long story short - Linux Lite is the perfect solution for our needs.

I've been using Linux for longer than I care to admit and I've been involved in one new distro launch/development effort in the past (the project is gone now) so I hope that I can add something to the community.  I'm also using Linux Lite on my "main" laptop (I'm running three different distros on four different systems - don't know why but there it is!).

Thanks again to all of you here at Linux Lite - in particular to Valtam and the developers.  You have no idea how beneficial your work has already been to us and to the young people who receive the systems we rehab.



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