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Hello All!


Mr Plod:
I looked at Linux 10 years ago and it just wasn't ready for me then ::)  Because I couldn't get everything to work right without a struggle it was easier to stick with Windows...

Having become increasingly fed up with my Lappy running hot, slow & crashing I decided that because my machine was only 3 years old I would have a look at something more resource friendly.

Having got on well with some other Open Source software - OpenOffice, Firefox & Thunderbird to name a few - I decided to revisit Linux and I discovered Linux Lite. At first it appeared to work right out of the box. But, I never got the WiFi to work properly and no one on here could help me with it, so I've ended up with Ubunto 14.04 instead and it is absolutely brilliant.
My initial plan was to Dual Boot. But, I soon got rid of my Windows install and 6 months down the line I now know that I will never use another MS product again.

Although I couldn't stay with Linux Lite, part of the experience of trying it made me more determined to stick with Linux.


Welcome to the community! Yes you are right, we do and are targeting Windows users, that is our goal with Linux Lite. A little sidenote on your laptop running hot: Clean out the fans every once in a while. I have to do it with my laptop about every 3 months, to make sure it doesn't overheat.

We hope you enjoy Linux Lite! Probably one of the greatest community efforts I've seen in a while.

Hi Mr Plod, many thanks for the kind feedback, and welcome :)

Welcome, Mr Plod!

I know what you mean about some of the older Linux distros 'back in the day' - Lindows, MEPIS, Debian, the early Ubuntus, etc.
A lack of driver support and auto-detection in the earlier kernels, being forced to compile kernels - something no sane Windows user would ever try - and using KDE as their standard desktop (VERY slow back then) kept me in and (mostly) out of Linux until about three years ago.

LL has been the easiest OS to 'get up and running' I've ever encountered, I received what little help I DID need very quickly.

Enjoy all that new, outstanding free software out there!



As far as your machine running hot, have you searched Youtube for your model and looked for the videos that show you how to clean that models heatsink?, many people need to clean the dust from the vents about every six months and neglecting to do so can result in the system problems your describing.

Often cleaning can be done without even removing a screw, using a vacuum cleaner and a compressor or even blowing back through the foils on some models, then vacuum out the dust by placing the vacuum over the grill where the air is taken in will remove most of the obstructing dust, though finding your model on Youtube and seeing how it's done is your best bet.

Good luck.


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