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Greetings from the Philippines



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Şerban S.:

Glad to have you here!
I hope you'll enjoy the experience with Linux Lite!

Hello there, I am a new user of Linux Lite 6.6. I'm a high school and a former Windows user for over 10 years. I'm not inherently new to Linux since I have already livebooted multiple distros. Needless to say, Linux Lite is the only distribution that has been compelling on my part.

I booted to the Linux side since I have an immense amount of hatred towards Microsoft since the Windows 8 release in 2012. Windows 10 has also performed disastrously on my Latitude 5300 (i3). Fortunately, Linux Lite brought out the best of the decent notebook.

I plan to assist new users hereafter for a more seamless transition. I also plan to work on a transition guide on my upcoming summer vacation. I greatly appreciate everyone's effort on making LL a wonderful distro, cheers!


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