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Number of Posts, 2k 5k 10k 20k 50k 100k should future proof us nicely. Reputation would be a good one, open to suggestions / levels for that. Developer, Donor already taken care of.

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Cool idea. I have seen badges in several contexts. Some of them level-up, like those with the number in a red circle in the above examples. What exactly are the badges that would be appropriate here?
- number of posts (levels up)
- reputation (levels up)
- developer / chief developer
- donor

Okay, I didn't know this. I have removed the my off topic words.


--- Quote from: bitsnpcs on October 26, 2018, 02:08:08 AM ---
@whateverthing will you consider making for the About LL app, a custom logo size for the main banner (150x49) and menubar icon at the similar height as the menu font, this will reduce the space above the fonts on the about app ?
If you have time to do this I will add a new comment line in the code to ensure recognition for your work on the collaboration, by adding a new comment line - Artwork (icons and banner) by @whateverthing,
if you are using a different nym/name for artwork usually, I can put this if you specify which.

--- End quote ---

Off topic. I don't think we need this. I already have the artwork ready and in the final code it will point to an actual path in the 5.x themes package.

I don't see it on your nym Jerry


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