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Hello Jerry,
at what level of post count does the feather number increase above 1000 posts?

It doesn't, it stops at 1000. We could review this now that the Forum has reached a certain stage.

Thank you, the forum has grown hugely over these past 4 years, since last review, and continues at an increasing rate. :)

I would like to see and suggest a custom feather design for you, or an additional row, as the creator of LL, as a visual representation on the forum.I know you probably don't want it, based on the past reviews, but it is overdue.

I'm always open to suggestions, where did you get the idea I wouldn't be 'based on the past reviews' ?

'based on past reviews' - in the first ranking system, and the review of this to begin the current ranking system, you haven't had custom feather count.
So I can see that, but also I have read your post wrote a long time ago now, about those applying for the team should have a humble character as it is how the team are.
I think then it may be the reason why it has not been implemented previously, so I suggest it that you can accept this as suggested by someone else.
Yes there is a team of developers, but you are the one that had/has the vision for the concept that became LL, and shaped it to become what it is.
Concepts and vision are what things grow from (with a lot of hard work), thinking, seeing, and being the root, of it.


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