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Ciao everybody!!!

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krishay baxter:
Welcome :)  :wave

Welcome :)  :wave

Hello again to any eventual reader,

just a quick update on my issues with pwd mngmnt... everything's fine thanks to the help file and after following the procedure indicated there! Wlan drivers OK, system updated, and feeling (a little) less dumb now :57:,

Ciao everybody,

Hello Jesse!

Thanks for your greetings, even if I'm already loving LL I'm still stuck on the installation of the wlan card, and nothing seems to happen after several (successful, given terminal feedback) tentative to change the root password... when I try to do any change it requests a password and no one of the chosen works, you know if there's anything else I could try?
Many thanks to you and everybody else for help and understanding, have a great day!!!


Jesse Bassett:
Hello from the USA!  :wave  ,
  While I have not been on the forums much, I do use Linux Lite and I too love the OS. It is a easy to use system and is very light on resources. Welcome to the support forums! :)


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