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Ciao everybody!!!

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Hello there,

I'm Alex writing from Italy and very happy to first and foremost wish you all a great 2022 and thanks creator and supporters for the beautiful OS I'm starting to learn!

I'm almost sure I will appear as annoying and dumb as a middle-age new user could be, but after searching for days on the Web, reading through all the related forum posts and getting back to the Web many times I've seriously considered myself too stupid to keep going on and simply reboot on the default windows installed on my machine...

The first issue was with the connection, since the wlan card it's not recognized... solved by using my phone and a USB connection (great solution, thanks to anyone who wrote about it on the Web!).

The second, not solved at all, is related to pwd management, since the requested one for installing packages was not recognized (I haven't set any pwd during installation) and even if I've changed two times the root one using the advanced features during start-up, after restarting and trying to install packages I still receive an authentication error. Same with users management, since the root profile does not recognize both the password I've (successfully, given what Ubuntu said both times) changed in the advanced screen.

Ok, since I'm totally sure that who's reading this, and have just some little experience with Linux and Linux Lite in particular, would be looking up to the sky sighing and thinking something like: "that"s 2022 and there's still people like this around..." I prefer to stop annoying you over and hope that some help could anyway reach this seasoned newbie without disturbing too much anyone.

Thanks again for the really beautiful OS, has been already GREAT to be able to surf the Web, try some of the provided suggestions (as for connecting) and spend a couple of browsing sessions outside of Redmond domain, I really hope to be able to really join you in the next future!

With all my wishes for a wonderful 2002,
kind regards from Italy!!!


Jesse Bassett:
Hello from the USA!  :wave  ,
  While I have not been on the forums much, I do use Linux Lite and I too love the OS. It is a easy to use system and is very light on resources. Welcome to the support forums! :)

Hello Jesse!

Thanks for your greetings, even if I'm already loving LL I'm still stuck on the installation of the wlan card, and nothing seems to happen after several (successful, given terminal feedback) tentative to change the root password... when I try to do any change it requests a password and no one of the chosen works, you know if there's anything else I could try?
Many thanks to you and everybody else for help and understanding, have a great day!!!


Hello again to any eventual reader,

just a quick update on my issues with pwd mngmnt... everything's fine thanks to the help file and after following the procedure indicated there! Wlan drivers OK, system updated, and feeling (a little) less dumb now :57:,

Ciao everybody,

Welcome :)  :wave


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