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Bugs on this forum's software! (nice way to start, eh?)

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Hi all!
That's an original way to start off on the wrong foot, but here are the facts.
1. I could not find a way to report bugs in the forum's software, so I'm posting here.
2. This forum CANNOT send activation mails to Even resending them repeatedly didn't produce anything in either Junk or Inbox. I'm 100% sure they bounced back, i.e. they weren't even accepted. I don't know how Microsoft considered they should reject the mails coming from this source, nor what could be done; at least, the mails from my blog to myself go to Junk, so they're accepted.
3. For that reason, I got with 2 LL accounts, and I couldn't find a way to delete an account, although I suppose there must be one.

The boring details:
- I tried to create the account ludditus (u=48398) with a mail When resending the activation failed and failed, hours later I created an account with a mail The activation worked, but since the user ludditus was reserved for "the other me" (not activated), I've been assigned the name ludditus1 (u=48400).
- I managed to change the mail for the yet-to-be-activated-account from to, and then to activate it. So I now have 2 accounts, of which I'd like to delete the one with "1" added to the user name.
- As long as ludditus1 isn't deleted, I cannot change the mail for ludditus from to, because it's associated to ludditus1. So I suppose a moderator should intervene and delete ludditus1. Pretty please?

Another bug: when I associated ludditus1 with my Twitter account, the tagline from there has been imported as "Personal Text". With one broken character, but still imported, despite being very long (128 chars). Now, in both the ludditus and ludditus1 accounts, I cannot manually enter a "Personal Text" longer than 50 characters. I consider this to be a bug in the form's validation, as the database can clearly store 128 chars for that field!

Long story short: pretty please someone delete the user ludditus1 so I can modify ludditus to an e-mail I actually read!

And, everyone, be warned: don't use an e-mail, or else you won't probably receive any notification from this forum!

Read the info in the register page. Yahoo is not an acceptable address. Outlook is a client address which means you have set the spam preferences yourself.

Login to an existing account to delete it and its profile. Best bet is to use for email address.


1. No matter what's written there, Yahoo is an acceptable address, the proof being that one of the accounts was registered using a Yahoo Canada account, and the activation mail was properly received (not in spam!).
2. Thank you for deleting ludditus1, if it was you (or whoever they were).
3. No, I couldn't find the option to delete the account. If it was eaten by my ad-blocker, it wasn't my fault: I did want to keep the ad-blocker off, but whoever designed the ads for the forum didn't properly test the layout. They covered the left and right side of the actual contents, so the forum was unusable with the ads on. But I still believe the delete option wasn't there. If you google for how to delete a SMF account, you'll find "go to Actions, select Delete Account". Well, under Actions there's only "Download profile data."
4. Outlook is not listed as "not acceptable" in that page. Besides, is not "a client address" and this is not about being in Spam. Did you read what I wrote? It was nowhere! As a blog owner for 17 years, and a software developer since 1994, I know what that means: the mail was bounced back, it was simply not accepted by the server, hence not received. This has nothing to do with my per-user spam options. Also, uses the same infrastructure as the professional, paid offerings of Microsoft 365. Don't try to make it look like it's still Hotmail. (And again: it wasn't about my spam settings which, frankly, are also not always observed.)
5. Nobody can force me to use a GMail address. Nobody. I do have 3 such addresses (because Android), but I never read them. I even switched to a Google-free Huawei lately.

Account deletion is from the profile page.

The ads on the sides of the forum disappear when you log in to the forum.

There are current intermittent problems with outlook, caused by the way by MS, & MS is the host of your outlook client. The effect of "bounced" mails is dependent on the age and update status of your client. See link below.



--- Quote from: trinidad on May 29, 2021, 10:48:34 AM ---Account deletion is from the profile page.
--- End quote ---

Have you went recently to YOUR profile page and have YOU TRIED to see whether there is an option to delete your profile? Can you post a screenshot? There are chances you can't.

Why can you just accept that this installation of SMF is buggy?
Also, no kind of "technical support" should assume that something works without trying first. "Oh, it worked 2 years ago, at least for me."


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