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Hello, and Welcome!

Glad that LL is working out so well for you. To paraphrase what I said elsewhere on here earlier, M$ killed a lot of peripherals when they rewrote the Windows kernel for Vista.

The shortsightedness of this, killing XP, and forcing Windows 8 and 8.1 on people are some of the best things that could have ever possibly happened to Linux. Instead, the Linux folks have worked on the lack of legacy peripheral support, and wrote what was needed into THEIR kernels to support them.


Hi Stirfry and welcome. Thank you for informing us about the captcha issue, I've disabled it as bots can get around that pretty easy these days, not much I can do about the gmail spam thing though, thats google putting the hate on us ;)
Hope you enjoy Linux Lite :)

Helluva a job verification letters pic on three different browsers (checked similar forum engine --Comodo-- and their letters appear, so who knows?  Then gmail trapped activation email as spam:  "We've found that lots of messages from are spam."

Anyhow...  Just want to say Linux Lite is HUGE, speaking as someone new to any Linux OS.  Had old unused 700Mhz system with 512 ram still loaded with Win98.  Couldn't believe LL spec could really work on it ... looks awesome!  Even works old printer and scanner by default Win7 sniffed at. Hats off to magicians.  Still getting hang of basics...back soon with questions.  Just saying hello.


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